About FP Albamonte

I share the insights that I gather on my evolutionary journey, aiming to provide inspiration and motivation for those who seek their own transformation, a transformation into insight, into inner strength, into emotional and financial independence, into freedom, into compassion and into humour.

I write about acquiring maturity, emotional intelligence and life skills, but also about business and right livelihood,
I write about the wealth of the soul and about material wealth too.

I write about interacting with other cultures and experiencing other ways of life, about building bridges with others.
I write about remnants of ancestral wisdom that have survived to the present day and about ancient treasures that have been lost.

I write about rewilding and about the human being as an ecological, energetic, spiritual and cultural phenomenon.

I write about losing fears, triggers, weaknesses, autopilots and other garbage that gets in the way.

I write from my own personal experience or I write about the works of others.

The Tao of the Trail is a project that is about my own growth, but it’s about helping others with their evolutionary journeys as well, at first with inspiration, then with experiences and action, content, retreats and courses.

Our evolution requires us to sacrifice at its altar. It requires a sacrifice of time, of presence, of passion and it wants us to burn in its honour all the pettiness, the cowardice, the envy, the jealousy, the fear and all other debris that may occupy the sacred space inside our hearts.

It has given us the whole of eternity to get round to doing it, but since we’re here now, we may as well.